So it begins

Well here it is, the start of something interesting, or an incredible fuck-up for all I know. For the past few weeks I’ve been scratching my head and banging it against the wall trying to figure out what to write for my first post but after careful consideration I came to this conclusion……who gives a fuck, seriously! I’ve been building it up in my head for so long that everything has to be so friggin perfect that I’ve been focusing too much on that other then the one thing I started this blog for, to write and talk about music which is the only thing that’s on my mind on a daily basis. When I decided to start a blog I didn’t exactly know what the whole premise of this would be nor how I would go about creating content consistently and the truth is I still don’t have a goddamn clue, all I know is music and that’s all going were going to discuss here. You might be wondering what genre of music is this all going to be based around and ill gladly tell you, it’s pop music. You see when I was a kid and I heard “mmmbop” by Hanson for the first time it just changed my life and ever since then I’ve always had an obsession with pop music. It went from Hanson to the backstreet boys and it carried on until Justin Bieber and Taylor swift came along and just completely changed everything and which leads us into today so with that I’m going to kick things off with what I feel is the best Justin Bieber album. Well first off where do we start, I guess if I could start off somewhere id start off by saying I’m just fucking with you guys, I don’t listen to that shit nor will I ever. Shit I probably just chased everybody off after that rant there, maybe this will be an incredible fuck-up after all. Well for the two people that managed to stick around to this point you’ll be pleased to know that in this blog I’m gonna try to fit in a little bit of everything here seeing as how that’s always been my style. So whether you’re into rock, country, rap, blues, soul, metal or even reggae, you’ve come to the right place. However if you’re into pop and you’ve stuck around to see what I actually think the best Justin Bieber album is then you’ve come to the wrong place. I figure there’s probably 1 person left that i’m ranting to now so with that ill end it off with welcome to the audio tribune, where all genres are covered.


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