Playlist 10

So as I was thinking about what else I could include on this blog other then me ranting about random ass shit, I was on YouTube at the same time and I was looking for music to download onto my iTunes. Whenever I do that I pull up a word document I saved called “songs to download” and I just write the artist and name of the song in there and download it later. So as I was doing all this I thought well why don’t I just put this list on there so that way you all can see whats catching my eye this week and maybe at the same time discover some new music yourself.Now just to clarify these lists may differ from week to week as i tend to try give every genre a listen from time to time, and it’ll all vary from new to old as well, its just how i roll most of the time. But anyways with that I introduce my weekly post I like to call playlist 10. My top 10 recommendations for the week.


Nathaniel Rateliff & The night Sweats – S.O.B

A song you can clap your hands, stomp your feet to and have a drink to. The video gives it a real blues brothers vibe


Nathaniel Rateliff & The night Sweats – Howling At Nothing

If you thought that first video was something then give this a listen, SOB had a blues brothers vibe while this one has more of a Sam Cooke kind of vibe to it, so if soul is your thing then you’re in for a treat. With that being said this takes the spot for top pick of the week!


Highly Suspect – Lydia

A song about a failed relationship between two people with love for each other, its a great song accompanied by an even more intense video


Chris Robinson Brotherhood – California Hymn

Just an all around feel good song


Uncle Lucius – Keep The Wolves Away

For those working day and night to support their families, this ones for you!


Ronnie Dunn – Damn Drunk

I wonder if ronnie dunn and kix brooks ever thought about starting their own band together.


Smoove – I’m a man

Funky. Thats all i gotta say


Eddie Hazel – California Dreaming

The original version of this song by the mamas and the papas just hasnt sounded the same since i heard this song


Funkadelic – Maggot brain

This could be a 40 minute jam and id still listen to it every day. Be prepared to have your mind blown


Tumbleweed – Big something

Yet another band that im surprised to have not heard of before



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