Rock on

So here we are, another week has come and gone and we are all still standing. I don’t know if its just me or this year so far seems to be going by a little too fast seeing as how its nearing mid February already. But i guess in retrospect its not a total bummer i guess seeing as how i have tickets to see guns n roses in august so i guess in actuality i am kinda hoping these next 6 months just breeze by. Its not the first time I’ve had to wait this long though, its similar to 2 years ago when i bought tickets to see the foo fighters in Edmonton and had to wait 9 months to see them play live which was totally fuckin worth it by the way.

That was the first concert i had ever actually showed up early in the morning at the box office in order to get tickets and 3 months ago in November i pretty much topped myself in going unnecessarily above and beyond to get tickets. To get these tickets i waited outside the box office for 5 and a half hours which pales in comparison to the hour and a half i waited for foo fighters tickets. But that’s always been my style i live to see bands play live and there’s just no better feeling then when you see your favorite song being performed by your favorite band 10 feet away from you, for me that was “everlong” by the foo fighters. Now once that show was over i said that that was hand down the best show ill ever see in my lifetime and its gonna be interesting to see if guns n roses will make me change my mind on that this fall, I’m sure they’ll come pretty dam close to it anyway, while were on the subject id say volbeat was a pretty solid show as well.

But for all my concert memories id have to say my biggest regret is intentionally passing up R.H.C.P tickets in order to have a weekend out on the town, coming in at a close second is when I also passed on black keys tickets. Anyway what I’m getting at is it doesn’t get any better then a live show and if its one of my favorite bands or artists coming to town then ill always go above and beyond in order to see them live. Because at the end of the day you may or you may not remember how much you paid for a ticket or how long you had to wait for the show to start, but goddamn those memories of the music will stick with you for the rest of your life. 


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